Jerry Garcia playing 'Tiger' guitar by Doug Irwin
Jerry Garcia playing “Tiger” guitar made by Doug Irwin

Custom made for just for Jerry!

Jerry Garcia’s guitars that were designed and hand crafted by master luthier Doug Irwin. Five guitars include Wolf, Wolf Jr., Tiger, Rosebud and Eagle. These legendary guitars were used live on stage with the Grateful Dead over the span from the 1970’s to 1995 when Jerry unexpectedly passed. The music created with these guitars has and continues to have a very strong, positive effect on the fans and will live on forever in our hearts.


The Eagle - Guitar by Doug Irwin for Jerry Garcia"The Eagle" - 1971A Jerry Garcia electric guitar custom-made for him by Doug Irwin, 1971 The body made of curly maple (and other exotic woods) with a purple heart center and stained sides; two black plastic pick-ups noting "Hi-A;" between...


Rosebud Guitar - Jerry's Favorite"Rosebud" - 1989*In 1990 Garcia introduced the 3rd Doug Irwin guitar "Rosebud", named for the inlaid dancing skeleton on the ebony cover plate. It is almost a twin of Tiger, but two pounds lighter at 11 1/2 pounds. (While the shape is identical to Tigers,...


Tiger Guitar by Doug Irwin for Jerry Garcia"Tiger" - 1973Immediately after receiving the “Wolf” guitar from Doug Irwin in 1973, Jerry Garcia commissioned “Tiger,” telling Irwin to make the most extravagant instrument he was capable of. The instrument—composed of highly figured exotic wo...


"Wolf"Wolf Guitar by Doug Irwin for Jerry GarciaIn May, 1972, I began the project that eventually became the Wolf" (#007). Remembering the balance problems that Alembic was having, I decided to make it asymmetrical to give it good balance. I drew an original design and cut...

Wolf Jr

"Wolf Jr."Wolf Jr Guitar built by Doug Irwin for Jerry GarciaDoug Irwin's last guitar for Jerry Garcia that he never used it in concert. Wolf Jr. is a headless guitar in the spirit of Steinberger headless guitars.More info coming soon!Guitar DetailsLuthier: Doug Irwin...

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  • It was a pleasure to meet you at Skull & Roses Festival Saturday the 22nd.
    It was also a pleasure to hear the beautiful tones of your guitars in the hands
    of Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh at all the Dead shows I attended over the years.

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