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Doug Irwin and Wolf Guitar he custom made for Jerry Garcia
Doug Irwin and Wolf Guitar he custom made for Jerry Garcia

Announcing the new Irwin Guitars website built by our old friend Ralph Hawke Manis and partners in crime Infinitee Web Design. It has been a long time coming but now it’s here. Historical stories and imagery of the people and guitars that have influenced generations of musically minded people all around the world!

We welcome you to enjoy, explore and comment… Tell us your stories about how the music has changed your life and made the world a better place for all of us.

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  • It was my great pleasure to build this website for my old buddy Doug and I look forward to doing my best to get his talent out to the world where it belongs!

    • You really honored Doug putting all this together.

      Ralph, I have a guitar made in 1970 on Doug’s Santa Rosa shop. I asked Tom Ribbecke last year if he might ask Doug about this particular guitar. Larry Robinson thought that Alan Thompson of Doug made it. Larry doesn’t like Alan.

      Anyway, I’ve been in the music community here in Sonoma County 45 years.

      I have also asked, Big Dave, a long time close friend, to ask Steve Parish about this guitar.

      Please contact me and when possible, maybe I can send a picture and talk with Doug.

      Your Pal,

      Cap’n Mike

  • Doug, we have not met as of yet and those plans are now in the cards. But what i want you to know more than anything, You are LOVED man, if you make another guitar or not! You have changed our time here to something otherworldly we have yet to still grasp on to. That leads me to the opposite of that love and that is Hate. There are quite a few sinister individuals out there that hate you enough to try and erase you and your work from its proper due. So have fabricated stories and still do to make claims to things that you never touched let alone seen. You know all this, but the public needs to know about the raw deal guys like Parish or any one in the GD Circle or JG Estates have given you your right and proper due. The revered Hunter, but shit on you! Sad, and karma boomerangs and I am soo glad to see it has finally started come back your way for you. May you enjoy the rest of your life just the way you choose to!

    And hands down, The best Instruments EVER made!

  • Great to see this site – Ralph thanks for getting it up and running and Doug thanks for letting us peak through the looking glass a little to learn more about these awesome instruments! All the best! Thanks for everything!

  • Mr. Irwin, I’m thinking “Doug” is probably appropriate but we haven’t met. I want to thank you for sharing this part of your world with us! It is a pleasure to be introduced even one sided through the internet, to The Artist behind The Artist! I have given Jerry and other musicians more credit than due until learning of You, Rick Turner and other unique Artisans, Craftsmen and in my opinion, Geniuses, that are Luthiers. I purchased a Rosebud T-shirt over the past weekend and I’m hoping it fits well. If not I’ll buy another one size up. Hoping to see a Tiger T become available in the future.
    Thank You again,
    God Bless You
    And take care..

  • I start luthier school in about three days and just wanted to say how much of an influence Doug is to me the Wolf guitar is one of my all time favorites. Cheers!

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