Irwin-Asher "Wolf" Prototype -John Mayer
Irwin-Asher “Wolf” Prototype

Irwin-Asher “Wolf” Prototype The Irwin-Asher “Wolf 2.0” guitar, limited to only 10 masterfully built instruments, will be among the finest replication of this iconic guitar played by Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. Using Irwin’s original templates and drawings, “Wolf” … Read More

"007" Early Doug Irwin Rosewood Special Body
“007” Early Doug Irwin Rosewood Special

“007” – Circa 1973 “007” Early Doug Irwin Rosewood Special. Completed circa early ‘73 not long before Wolf was delivered. Originally built custom for Bill Johnson. Layered in some Osage Orange and Purple Heart to make things interesting. Ebony board. … Read More

Wine Country

“Wine Country” – 2021 Irwin Guitars “Wine Country” handmade by Master Luthier Doug Irwin Wine Country was started in 1993 at “The Art Farm” in Sonoma, CA. where Rosebud was built. It was started after Wolf Jr., and the body … Read More

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Irwin Guitar #20
Irwin Guitars Serial No. 20

Irwin Guitars serial number 20. Completed in 1975. Originally sold at Leo’s Music Center in Oakland, CA in early 1976. Koa body, Maple neck-through construction with Purple Heart Rosewood fingerboard, Abalone shell floral Inlay. Macassar Ebony peghead. Hand carved body … Read More