Phil Lesh's Doug Irwin Bass Guitar
Phil Lesh’s Doug Irwin Bass Guitar

“Phil’s Bass”

In the late 1970s Phil Lesh briefly played a handmade Doug Irwin bass on tour with the Grateful Dead. Here are a few photographs of Phil and that iconic bass.

Bass Guitar Details

  • Luthier: Doug Irwin
  • Client: Phil Lesh
  • Date: Circa 1970s
  • Medium:
  • Dimensions:

3 Responses

  • I’d like one of those please ⚡⚡⚡⚡I’ve been through some really, really,hard times,and would cherish and play that beautiful bass every day,

  • I really admire Pete Sears bass guitar called dragon and the bass guitarist himself. These bass guitars are really amazing and so glad Pete Sears was able to again own and play his bass guitar. I also am amazed at Phil Lesh and his custom made bass guitar, and hope in the future, I may purchase one to complement my Steinburger XP2.

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